It is another festive season. And if you are like me you would have gotten yourself ready for feeding season. I have found out that once festivities or holidays come around, I automatically grow fat because of the different types of food that I stuff down my throat. If truth be told I am still trying to lose all the weight I gained over Christmas and the New Year. Yeah eat, drink and let’s make merry, off course it is not a bad idea but have we stopped to think about how to make this Easter a healthy one? Following last Christmas’ festivities, many of us ate ourselves into different sicknesses. I have taken time to suggest and let you know what and what is the healthy way to carry on during festive seasons.

-          Make sure in all you eat there are lots of green leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin leaves to balance up your diet.
-          Yes, cakes, chocolates, bugger, sausages are very sweet, but why not try apples, cucumber, oranges, and other fruits and you won’t have any complaints.
Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients which help us fight against chronic health conditions. Fruits and vegetables are low in fat, low in salt and a good swap for all those gluey, flour encrusted snacks. They are good items to snack on if you are trying to keep a healthy weight.
-          Eating plenty fibre-rich foods are recommended such as whole grain for breakfast. Peas, beans, oat, lentils, and grains should be added to your diet.

Given  how easy it can be to gain a few extra pounds over the festive season, it is therefore important for all to be mindful about maintaining a good weight for optimum health during this period.
-          Alcohol: limit the intake of alcohol this period, don’t forget that calories in alcohol are much and can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. Fruit juice is not harmful and is more appealing during festive season, I think you should try it.
-          Keep exercising :  don’t say because it is Easter I won’t exercise, (We are sure that Jesus Christ was fit and healthy when he emerged from the grave)  it counts and will help you maintain a good health.
·         Be aware of portion sizes in restaurants.
·         Choose light meals from the menu.
·         Drink water rather than sugary drinks.
·         Stop eating when you begin feeling full.
·         Eat slowly to get a better sense of when you begin to feel full.
·         Aim to eat no more than what you can.
·         Consume alcohol in moderation.
·         Snack on fruits instead of sweets.
·         Take a walk after eating.
·         Prepare and store food left overs hygienically.
See a healthier, fitter and trimmer you after the festivities. HAPPY EASTER.

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