In my quest to get something new that will wet your appetite  I bumped into something special, unusual and very nutritional at the IQ FOODPLATTER.com. So I decided to bring it here for my wonderful readers. Try it and thank me later.                               

Recipe ( serves4)
2 large slices Tilapia fish( sliced in halves)
4 pieces  ground Tomatoes
4 pieces  groundScotch bonnet Pepper (increase quantity as desired)
1 small sized Onion( 1/2 ground,1/2chopped)
Few leaves of Basil (Curry leaves can be used as alternative)
1/2 tablet crayfish seasoning
2cups water
Salt to taste
1tsp Ginger powder

1, Season fish with salt , a little ginger powder and some crayfish seasoning
2, Blend tomatoes, pepper and onion and bring to boil with 1cup of water
3,Add the chopped onion, seasoning and salt to taste.
4, Taste the soup to ensure the acidic taste of tomato disappears
5, Add the remaining water and  bring to boil again.
6, Lower the heat and add the fish and cook for 10 minutes. You get will have that soft texture of fresh fish if fish is cooked slowly .
7, To get sauce well infused into the fish, just shake the pot. Stirring will break up the fish.
8, Taste for salt , garnish with Basil and serve hot  with your Agidi or a few cubes of boiled yam

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