Hello people, my name is Kassy Loveth, nice name right? Yeah! I like my name too.. I like food, good food, maybe that's why I am this "moderate" and I am not ashamed to eat to my heart's desire. The good thing about this whole ish is that I studied Nutrition and Dietetics, I know that sounds a little exotic. No don't get confused with the big name. it is only about knowing how to eat and what to eat and well, how to eat healthy. I also know that there are a lot of health freaks on the internet telling you the same thing that we are going to be telling you here. Well most of them are Caucasians who do not understand how good a plate of foo foo, pounded yam or banga soup tastes. I do because I be NAIJA BABE. So no pretenses. Here we will be talking about it as it is. So follow your girl let me share my knowledge with you and also join me as we discover the best eating joints, foods, drinks and all the goody goody stuff you can stuff down your throats, fill your belly and still look and stay healthy.  On the intellectual side we will also talk about how to use food to manage health related diseases. So don't go nowhere. We will be right back.
Thank you.  

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