Yes! we are back, fully back and we promise never to be away for a very long time like this ever again. We really apologise. You all know what we do on this blog but in case you don't, this is what we do: We talk food, every thing food, we tell you what you can stuff down your throat and won't regret you did, we bring you new delicacies to try and look fresh, we also talk about the nutritional aspects of food and recipes that will help you churn out the best dishes both African and continental.
On the other hand, food is not for eating alone it can also be used to heal diseases and treat sicknesses. Now isn't that wonderful? You can actually eat your way to health. Like us on Facebook: DIETTHERAPY101, you can also follow us by e-mail to keep you updated so you don't miss out.

Okay so we can start you off by giving you something African that you can connect with. Here is UHA SOUP!

* Uha leaves.
* Crayfish.
* Dried Fish.
* Stock Fish.
* Cocoyam Paste or ukpo or achi
* Palm Oil.
* Spices: Iru/ Ogiri, Salt, Maggi Cubes, Pepper.
* Water.

* Cook and pound coco yam to form a paste then keep aside,
* Steam meat, stock fish and dry fish for 40 minutes with little water and salt,
* Add coco yam paste, crayfish, iru or ogiri and palm oil, allow to steam for 5 minutes,
* Add washed uha leaves, pepper, maggi and salt to taste the allow it to simmer for another 5 minutes.
* Serve with Eba, Fufu or pounded yam.

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